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Efficient and contemporary loading design

Looking for trustworthy loading solutions catered to fit your application or sector? We are your partner.

As a Netherlands based company, we operate worldwide through a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate companies.  Partner with 40+ years of experience, top quality loading systems and service!

Kanon Loading Equipment (4)

Loading equipment designed for safety and easy transfer of fluids, engineered for generations.

Marine Loading Arm
Bottom Loading Arm
Safety Equipment

What is your challenge?

You want to find the best solution for your challenge. Kanon cares about engineering the best loading equipment for you. From 40+ years of experience in tailor-made loading solutions, we help you make an informed decision. Do you want to calculate the diameter of your loading arm?

Efficient design

Efficient design

KANON distinguishes itself by designing according to the latest development with regard to efficient design
Focus on safety

Focus on safety

All service engineers are trained to work safely and in all on-shore environments and utilise their skills
Ultra-low maintenance

Ultra-low maintenance

Kanon products are renowned for low maintenance
Operator convenience

Operator convenience

Training on the job for operators and maintenance personnel

24/7 worldwide service and maintenance

Partnership transcends providing the best loading systems.   Our low-maintenance loading arms are complemented by a dedicated service team. KANON strives to enhance your loading arm maintenance strategy and is dedicated to offering you sound advice on how to best implement loading arm services.

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Kanon Loading Equipment (4)