Buckeye and Kanon working together

Buckeye and Kanon working together


Sea freighting Eight Fully Assembled Marine Loading Arms to the port of Houston at the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis, was quite a challenge. From there the arms were transported by truck to the South Texas Gateway Terminal facility near Corpus Christi. Now they are standing tall due to the long and reliable cooperation and partnership between Buckeye and Kanon. This smooth collaboration assured that small adjustments could easily be executed.

The experienced Kanon service department and the well trained and intelligent Buckeye crew, managed to proceed with erecting the first two arms together. The remaining six could be installed without any need for further Kanon supervision.

The result of the timely completion of work can be viewed on attached pictures. 

Two platforms each supporting 4 MLA type 260 double inboard size 16” 150#. 

3x Liquid line and 1x Vapor return: hence the color difference