State-of-the-art LNG bunkering

Our state-of-the-art LNG bunkering technology is proving its worth at Port of Rotterdam

In response to the substantial and ever-increasing demand for LNG-fuelled ships, Kanon Loading Equipment launched its cutting edge bunkering equipment in collaboration with van Wijk Werkendam.

The Bunker Boom was commissioned by an internationally renowned energy company, and is currently in operation at Port of Rotterdam, where it has resulted in significant economic and efficiency benefits, while demonstrating revolutionary safety and flexibility.


The pioneering system takes longterm field-proven marine loading arm technology and enhances it to create tangible benefits.

  • Bidirectional bunkering vessel mounted arm can fill the bunker vessel from onshore but can also be used for parallel berthing.
  • An incredibly flexible operational range for both commercial and oils and LNG carriers
  • It is able to compensate for the height differences between the bunker vessel and the receiving vessel.

The LNG Bunker Boom combines the rigidity of hydraulically-driven hard piping, with the flexibility normally associated with hoses on the ship’s interface side. Its boom can accommodate one 8ins vapour line and two 8ins liquid lines simultaneously, giving it industry-leading capacity capabilities. By using stainless steel for these lines, Kanon has ensured that they can withstand ice and tolerate temperatures as low as -162degC.



Parallel berthing simultaneous to the vessel’s commercial loading and offloading activities vastly reduces dockingtime, saving substantial time and money.


The bi-directional bunker arm allows for a huge connection range –even if located behind a latch. This reduces time and manpower, as well as dramatically improves ease of use.


An emergency release (ERS/ERC), hydraulic dry-break control system includes two automated valves that rapidly close and separate from one another in an emergency. This significantly reduces spillage, and reduces risk of incident and injury.

Tailor-made solution

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