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Land loading arms and safety equipment for efficient storage connections

Safe transfer systems regardless of the nature of the liquids or gases: toxic, corrosive or extremely high in temperature. Kanon loading equipment has a long history in providing transfer systems for all kinds of liquids and gases connecting road or rail tankers to tank storage units. We provide land equipment such as top loading arms, bottom loading arms and safety equipment which excel both in reliability and quality. They ensure efficient loading and unloading and are easy to operate.

Top Loading Arm

Land Equipment to fit your requirements

Did you know that we provide tailor made solutions for top and bottom loading arms, and safety equipment with a wide range of options? In our experience, no situation is the same. For instance, we know that an overhead roof/canopy or an underlying truck weighing scale make a generic solution impossible. We feel a responsibility to create an elaborated solution, not just a product from a prospectus. Whatever the mode of transport or the nature of the product we create connections to best fit your requirements.

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Safety and ease-of-use Land Equipment

Be it a top loading arm or a bottom loading arm, we feel the system should be inherently safe. We create loading systems to prevent hazardous substances from coming in contact with operators as well as the environment. Explosion proof, tried and tested systems, compliant with modern regulations. Made from materials that fit the product’s requirements and equipped with carefully designed parts such as swivel joints and flanges to prevent leakage and spillage.

Safety equipment

Our safety equipment is created to ensure safe access and operational range when loading or unloading.It carefully limits the operating space through accurately adjustable features. that are made to measure for the application. All land equipment is designed for optimal uptime. With special care to ergonomics and single-person operational ease.

What is your challenge?

You can rely on our 40 years of experience. Loading arms for crude oil transport by rail, designed to correctly handle the dense oil? Closed loop top loading arms for LPG and Ammonia that ensure evaporation of gases is prevented? Bi-directional loading of plant-based oils, sulpher, fuels, fertilizer or cleaning liquids?

We are up for your challenge!

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Bottom Loading Arm