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We don’t just offer Marine Loading arms at Kanon. We offer insights, flexibility, and partnership. From 40+ years of loading equipment experience. Kanon marine loading arm systems are designed to transfer fluids and liquefied gases safely and dependably into the smallest barge, or the largest crude carriers.

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Marine Loading Arms designed for your application

The transfer of large amounts of cryogenic, pressurized, or heated fluids and gases is your day-to-day reality. However, the circumstances under which you operate may differ, depending on the size of the vessel or the set requirements. Safety first standards for instance. In order to protect the environment as well as the operators, you require an ergonomic operation. We deliver Loading Arms to suit our clients needs, whether it be Cryogenic, (petro)chemical, Crude Oil or High Pressure, Kanon Loading arms are up for the transfer job.

Marine Loading Arm

Marine Loading Arms for safety and uptime

Kanon Marine Loading Arms are engineered to prevent spillage while ensuring uptime. The next generation symmetric design follows the movement of the ship and is geared for rapid changing market developments. The arms can handle changing draft, tide or wind and offer a ‘non spill’ Hi Tec emergency release coupler for safety. Kanon’s single counterweight balance system enables both hydraulically as well as manually operated arms to be manoeuvred easily and safely, saving both time and manpower.

Marine Loading Arm

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Design of the marine loading arms

The ergonomic design of the Kanon Marine loading arm ensures a reduction of needed operating space. Swivel joints, precision-engineered to avoid leakage, are among its key components. We use state-of-the-art materials to match product and safety requirements. Kanon marine loading systems are manufactured to the latest requirements of OCIMF and major oil companies.

Marine Loading Arm


Kanon arms require minimal maintenance and all product seals can be replaced without dismantling the loading arm itself. This saves operator time and ensures more uptime for our clients.


All Kanon arms, including manually operated models, can be provided with an Emergency release System. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, the liquid and vapour lines are both sealed after disconnection. Once the emergency sequence commences, the arm automatically rises and returns to a save position.

Field-proven marine loading arms

At Kanon we keep on top of market developments. A Kanon Marine Loading Arm can be adapted to handle the transfer of a great diversity of products, such as cryogenic, high-pressure products and chemicals, in an ever-changing industry. Did you know that our solid engineering provides Marine Loading Arms with a field-proven long service life for our clients? Kanon Marine loading arms are manufactured in compliance with the latest industry requirements and according to the highest quality standards. Maintenance is easy and minimal, ensuring maximum uptime.

Marine Loading Arm

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