A family business

Kanon is a family business based in the Netherlands. We represent reliability and transparency and use our passion for loading systems to build long-term relationships with our customers. We develop high-quality Loading Arms tailored to Marine Road and Rail liquid transfer companies. KANON supplies equipment directly to customers in all areas of the processing industry including chemical, petrochemical, storage terminals, pharmaceutical, healthcare. Do you want to know more about us? Read on!

This is Kanon

Kanon is a Dutch company at heart. The no-nonsense culture suits us. Together, we work hard to achieve the best result for our customers. We reach our goals in partnership with our clients. Did you know that buying a Kanon Loading arm may be a once in a lifetime event for you? That’s because we’re going for the long term. Our products last for up to thirty years. And even then, should anything be out of order, we can offer a complete overhaul of the loading equipment. In this way we make sure that your return on investment is really worthwhile!

Our history

We have been a genuine family business since Mr. and Mrs. Kanon founded Kanon Loading Equipment BV in 1978. Our family business is reflected in our way of thinking. For example: we don’t strive to become the biggest loading partner in the world. We genuinely want to do what is best for you and therefore focus on the long term. You may also see our family values reflected in our organizational structure. We have short lines of communication and the differences in hierarchy between employees and management are small. Just like a family, we stick together. If there’s a problem, we’ll solve it together. This ensures that we are sincerely entering into a partnership with our clients.


Partnerships with our clients

High quality

Loading equipment engineered for generations


Provide our clients with excellent, safety compliant, Loading Equipment and services


Worldwide allround service

Our mission and vision

Reliability, transparency, collaboration and tailor-made high quality. Those are important values for Kanon. We guide you from start to finish. Even before you purchase Loading Equipment from us, we help you make the right decision.

Ask the right questions

We realize that choosing the right loading arm for your business or project may be complicated. That’s why we prefer to help you ask the right questions and ensure you can make an informed comparison. It is our mission to help our clients select the right, tailor-made loading equipment in a joint effort. We ensure as much uptime as possible and high quality at a fair price. That way,  you can always count on us.

Marine Loading Arm

Growing your business through safety, solid engineering and service

The marine rail and road marketplace is increasingly competitive. Meanwhile safe and dependent systems have to meet sustainability and environmental goals. We engineer our loading arms for generations, they are built to last. Kanon works in compliance with safety regulations to ensure safe transfer.

Quality service

From over 40 years of loading equipment experience, we offer worldwide, (24/7) service. Service performed by all-round service engineers, highly skilled and motivated to perform hydraulic, pneumatic as well as electrical installation services. Solid engineering and quality service ensure downtime is limited and help you build a competitive business.

Marine Loading Arm

What our customers say about Kanon:

  • It couldn’t have been otherwise and, I wouldn’t have expected it. My expectation with the new MLAs was too high, and believe me when I say, the new MLA’s have reached it. Excellent product, excellent design.

    Leandro D. Ramírez Maintenance Supervisor - Instruments, Control and Communications Sector Technical Office at Cía. MEGA S.A. Distrito Este.
  • The Marine Loading Arm offers a significant improvement over a hose in the transfer of liquids between vessel and shore because It provides an easier and more ergonomic operation, gives longer service life and permits Emergency Release Action without any spillage of product and without any pollution together with a swivel joint which can, to some extent, follow the movement of a moored vessel.

    We did successfully preventive maintenance & completed the training of the facility operations team together with the port authority personals. Another great “toy” for the big boys & another huge

    Tomer Eckhous Professional Civil Engineer & Construction Project Manager

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