KANON Loading Equipment B.V. has a modern and fully equipped Service department. Kanon offers worldwide, 24/7 service.

Kanon offers services for all different types of marine loading arms from all brands, always at a fixed price and within the agreed period of time. No surprises, No price increase, no additional charges.

      • With over 30 years of experience of loading arm design, installation, inspection and all-in servicing, we can provide the following services:
      • Installation
      • Commissioning
      • Supervision
      • Periodical inspection
      • Survey
      • Maintenance, Repair & Modification of alle types and brands of loading arms
      • Training on the job for operators and maintenance personnel

As our office is located in the middle of The Netherlands, many industrial areas and main seaports in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany can be reached within two hours driving. When distances are economically too far to drive by van, our service engineers fly out by airlines to all areas worldwide. Large chemical and petrochemical companies, like Akzo, DSM, Shell, Totalfina, BP, Vopak, Cargill etc. are using our excellent service and can depend on our reliability and high performance.

  • Service

    All service engineers are trained to work safely and efficiently in all on-shore environments and utilise their skills when working on their own or in a team. For installation work we can be involved as far as customers require, from initial planning through turnkey installation and commissioning.

  • Inspection

    We recommend annual inspection on all our loading and safety equipment. Our service engineers can carry out these inspections including visual inspection, swivel joint inspection for sealing and greasing, simple maintenance, and a full inspection report. When the inspection results in a recommendation for more comprehensive work, a proposal will be made.

  • SCC certified

    KANON is SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors) certified by Lloyds and our engineers are each certified with both VVA-1 (basic safetytraining) and VVA-2 (advanced safety training for staff personnel) certificates. Personnel holding this accreditation are able to recognise and identify common hazards and risks on site and are equipped to recommend or take suitable action and precautions to avoid such hazards and risks. This is to ensure that for all our equipment we can supply supervision, installation, inspection, maintenance, overhaul and modification and training of operators and maintenance crews in safety with low risk to anyone.