Is your Kanon Marine Loading Arm at the end of its lifetime? Considering replacing it with another Kanon Loading Arm with a long lifespan? Naturally, that is a great route to take since you know a Kanon loading arm is built to last. But did you know that another option is to extend the lifetime of your Marine Loading Arm through a complete overhaul?

So if you want to postpone buying a new Loading Arm or just like the way your arms works for your application, we offer a complete overhaul at comprehensive pricing.

MArine loading arm overhaul

Marine Loading arm budget and timeframe

When clients ask us for a quotation for an Overhaul of your Marine Loading Arm we will offer it at a fixed price, meaning we make an extensive and comprehensive quotation. We take good care to prevent additional charges for our clients. Also, we carry out the Overhaul within an agreed timeframe, to make sure your loading arm can resume operations again soonest. From 45 years of experience, we know what it takes to engineer and build a loading arm and we take all that know-how to put together the best overhaul proposition for your Loading Arm.

The process of overhauling a Marine Loading Arm

How does an Overhaul on a Marine Loading Arm work at KANON? Let’s take a short look at the thoughtful process so you can start reloading again.

1. Arrival

The marine Loading arm arrives at our dedicated overhaul location.
Ultra-low maintenance

2. Disassemble

Then we disassemble the loading arm after which we examine, check and test the pipework, swivels and each essential component.
Operator convenience

3. Advise

Based on test results and our long-standing industry know-how we advise our clients on needed repairs and discuss all the parameters.

4. Repair

Upon agreement all repairs are carried out. We make sure to use certified personnel and independent notified body supervision.

5 Overhaul

The loading arm is shot blasted, spray painted and parts are replaced and mounted based on the agreed overhaul scope.

6. Acceptance test

The final step is a factory acceptance test. After successful completion the loading arm is prepared for transport back to the customer.

What others say about us:

  • It couldn’t have been otherwise and, I wouldn’t have expected it. My expectation with the new MLAs was too high, and believe me when I say, the new MLA’s have reached it. Excellent product, excellent design.

    Leandro D. Ramírez Maintenance Supervisor - Instruments, Control and Communications Sector Technical Office at Cía. MEGA S.A. Distrito Este.
  • The Marine Loading Arm offers a significant improvement over a hose in the transfer of liquids between vessel and shore because It provides an easier and more ergonomic operation, gives longer service life and permits Emergency Release Action without any spillage of product and without any pollution together with a swivel joint which can, to some extent, follow the movement of a moored vessel.

    We did successfully preventive maintenance & completed the training of the facility operations team together with the port authority personals. Another great “toy” for the big boys & another huge

    Tomer Eckhous Professional Civil Engineer & Construction Project Manager

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MArine loading arm overhaul