Loading arms for Ammonia

Green hydrogen in a transportable mode

Ammonia is a growing contributor to a greener world. Produced from solar, wind or hydro, ammonia is an ideal way to convert green hydrogen in a transportable mode. A great method to store hydrogen and to bring hydrogen, in ammonia form, to the end users of either hydrogen or ammonia. We have been a key contributor for ammonia logistics for years. The properties of ammonia require specific loading arm attributes and safety measures. We can provide the best solution for you.

Loading Arm Ammonia


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Field proven safety

The world is able to use a surplus of solar, wind and geothermal sources to power the electrolysis method to produce hydrogen and make this into ammonia. This is a greener alternative, because it does not produce any unwanted CO2 when burned, in a society where CO2 emissions have to be reduced to create a more sustainable future. Wherever Ammonia is required to be loaded or unloaded, be it on land, near sea or river, safety has to be top-level, and Kanon Loading arms have a field-proven safety record in ammonia loading and unloading.

Risk factors in ammonia loading

Whatever the loading frequency, you need a loading solution that works, no matter the time between loading activities. In the ammonia field ,operational and environmental regulations may differ depending on the location. Ammonia is flammable, poses an explosion risk, is corrosive, and is transported in below zero temperatures. Kanon Loading arms prevent spillage or leakage when loading or unloading.

Expert in safe ammonia loading

Our journey started in the late 70’s by providing our clients with loading arms that work, no matter the frequency of use, how large or small scale. Our dedication is unaltered. We have over 40 years of experience in loading arms and know what it takes to transfer ammonia in a controlled and safe way. From a partnership perspective, we put all our energy into creating loading arms to best fit your requirements. We combine the best product matching materials with state-of-the-art seals to provide you with a safe loading solution.

Loading Arm Ammonia

Ease of use and qualified service

We offer made to measure solutions in loading arms, specifically engineered for the ammonia industry. Designed for ease of handling, safety for operator and environment and a longstanding reliable performance. We carefully advise our clients on loading arm compatibility, essential in the field of ammonia. Providing swift, worldwide service for our customers is key. Our service department trains highly skilled and experienced service engineers to work according to the highest safety requirements and have all the required knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics and electronics.

Loading Arm Ammonia

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Loading Arm Ammonia