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In the intricate world of logistics and transport, loading arms quietly play a pivotal role in liquid and gas transfers. Meet the globe-trotting service engineer who spans the continents, ensuring these loading arms operate smoothly. Adding a unique touch, this engineer dons wooden clogs adorned with the company emblem. This article delves into the daily life of this practical professional and explores their methods for maintaining loading arm reliability on an international scale.


Life of the Wandering Engineer

Journey of Exploration
Imagine a journey from busy ports to isolated oil rigs – this is the service engineer’s domain. They gather stories from diverse cultures, tackle unique challenges, and create connections across borders.

Clogs with Character
A defining aspect of this particular service engineer’s appearance is his wooden clogs displaying the company logo. These clogs, inspired by Dutch tradition, initiate conversations and showcase their heritage.

-Important Responsibilities and Skills-

Detailed Maintenance

The core of the service engineer’s role revolves around the maintenance and repair of loading arms. They possess an in-depth understanding of mechanics and hydraulics, ensuring the secure and efficient functioning of loading arms.

Skilled Troubleshooter
Troubleshooting is an art for these professionals. Equipped with diagnostic tools and extensive experience, they swiftly identify problems, devising solutions to minimize disruptions and optimize operations.

Navigating Regulations
Navigating the complex world of international regulations requires skill. Kanon Service engineers stay updated on safety and environmental standards across regions, ensuring that their work aligns with industry benchmarks.

-Steps to Achieving Loading Arm Excellence-

Proactive Maintenance Strategy
The service engineer’s approach centers on prevention. They meticulously plan and execute routine maintenance schedules, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen breakdowns.

Effective Communication
Effective communication is essential for successful loading arm operations. The engineer collaborates closely with clients, sharing insights, updates, and recommendations to maintain optimal equipment performance.

Sharing Knowledge
Esteemed industry experts, Kanon Service engineers are committed to sharing knowledge. They actively participate in operator training, imparting insights on best practices, safety protocols, and emergency procedures.

Continual Learning
In an ever-changing landscape, staying informed is crucial. Engineers attend attend regular courses to expand their expertise and remain current with innovations.




The life of the Kanon globetrotter loading arms service engineer is a journey marked by challenges, rewards, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Armed with mechanical expertise, diagnostic skills, and a grasp of global compliance, these engineers ensure the seamless operation of loading arms worldwide. Henkie Averesh, our Service with his distinctive wooden clogs is one of Kanon’s determined and spirited,Service engineers, making a lasting impact on the industry, one meticulously maintained loading arm at a time.

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