Marine Loading Arm – Operating Envelope

Operation envelope

An operating envelope is to assure the marine loading arm fits its purpose on an individual level – single connection. More and more often simultaneous connection is applicable, especially when big tankers are loaded. Imagine connecting one MLA with 5000m3/hr per hour or 3 MLA’s with 5000m3/hr. We will perform a Marine Loading Arm clearance study, based on the following parameters:

MLA position on the terminal
Distances of the riser centre of MLA’s to the jetty face.

Manifold spacing
The horizontal distance between two adjacent manifold flange centres. The range of manifold flange positions relative to the spotting line should be considered for each individual MLA.
The dimension to be considered is the difference between the maximum and minimum distances found for the range of ships to be served.

Connection cases
Combinations of simultaneous connected MLAs or single arm connection to relative manifold flanges as detailed in table A

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An Operating Envelope together with a clearance study is crucial and to be checked with extreme care. Because we understand the difficulty of data and our translation, we offer our help in extensive videoconferences to be able to explain the essence in detail.