Bunker boom

Let’s take a look at our bunker boom

Our Bunker Boom has been developed from existing, field-proven hydrocarbon systems, applied for many years in leading ports such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg and is now successfully in action for LNG bunkering in both North-European and Asian ports.

Bunkering for both hydrocarbons and LNG is done in the majority by ordinary loading hoses, which is actually the same for our Marine Loading Arms where hoses are our main competitor too.

Let’s take a detailed look at the bunker boom

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Accessoires, so that the bunker boom meets your needs

Swivel joints

The use of swivel joints in loading arms are critical because of the extraordinarily high bending and axial load combination, due to the reach of the loading arm and wind forces. Our swivel joints are developed to withstand all these loads providing the best performance with virtually zero leakage and maintenance.

Emergency Release Coupler

The ERC is part of our range of Emergency Safety Systems (ESS). Designed to provide best possible safety in fluid loading/unloading when using Marine Loading Arms. An ERC provides a fully automatic, safe and spillage free disconnection of the Loading Arm from the ship should the limits of the safe working envelope of the Arm be exceeded.

Minimizing docking time

The bunkering vessel is used for parallel berthing to allow simultaneous bunkering of receiving vessels with their commercial loading and offloading activities, thus minimizing docking time.
Ultra-low maintenance

Flexible and operational range

To ensure a good variety of connection possibilities the boom provides maximum flexibility and a very wide operational range, as bunker connections can be found in various places. The Bunker Boom can reach all different locations and compensate for important height differences between the bunker vessel and the receiving vessel.
Operator convenience


The same bunker arm can be used to fill the bunker vessel from a storage tank on shore.
Efficient design


The Emergency Release drybreak system of the Bunker Boom prevents uncontrolled spillage in ship to ship bunkering in case the ships accidentally.

Indifferent manifold positions

Fast connection possibilities to low and high receiving ship’s manifolds.

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