Marine loading arms: High Pressure

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High Pressure Marine Loading Arm

Based on our most successful model – double inboard and equipped with an extremely strong swivel joint tested and suitable for pressures up to 225 bar. The light and elegant design is based on knowledge from the market regarding maintenance and user-friendliness.

In collaboration with our partner MIB Italy, we use the QV Unit as a standard, a safety feature with unprecedented added value.

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Swivel joints

The use of swivel joints in loading arms are critical because of the extraordinarily high bending and axial load combination, due to the reach of the loading arm and wind forces. Our swivel joints are developed to withstand all these loads providing the best performance with virtually zero leakage and maintenance.


A system that provides protection of the installation, the operating staff, and the environment by isolating the product flow and providing rapid release under extreme or emergency situations. The system is hydraulically activated, with specially developed interlocking facilities resulting in the ultimate in protection

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Double rotating counterweight, in order to keep both inboard & outboard section aligned and in perfect balance.


The parallel is the rigid link between the outboard section and the counterweights, a big advantage of the rigid structure is that the balance is set once in the factory and does not need to be adjusted in its entire lifetime.


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Efficient design

Field proven

Focus on safety

Robust but lightweight

Ultra-low maintenance

Ultra-low maintenance

Operator convenience

Extended Warranty

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Marine Loading Arm