Safety cages


Your loading platform has to provide access to all truck or train tankers, whatever their size. Often, a single operator is managing loading, unloading or inspection activities. Apart from safety rules and regulations you care for your operators and want to ensure all activities can be safely executed. Kanon produces and supplies safety cages and elevating platforms that are very adaptable and designed for safety.

Adaptable Elevating Platform for safe access

Kanon’s ‘flip-up- floor’ Elevating platform is used to achieve safe acces of road and rail tankers. No matter the type of trailers you are working with. Your operator does not have to walk on top of the tank, but on a fenced platform with multiple hatches that can be opened to reach the manhole in a safe way. The platform is adjustable to the tanker incline. It is hydraulically raised and lowered and easily operated. Also the platform is fully galvanised to prevent environmental damage to the structure.

High -Tec elevating platform addition

Our newest addition to the elevating platform family boasts an electronically driven safety cage that restricts the operating space to the exact operating location on top of the tanker. Besides following the incline of the tanker, it moves sideways as well, for more precision. Kanon elevating platform makes sure your operator can carry their activities in the safest way possible.

A high handrail system with guard rail, mid rail and toe board

Focus on safety

Vehicle protection bars

Stored position detection

Ultra-low maintenance

Easy securing system for the floor panels

Safety system in case of hydraulic pressure loss

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Safety cages