Mumbai port trust


The Mumbai Port Trust project: increasing crude oil loading capacity by building a fifth oil Berth on its Jawahar Deep jetty in Mumbai Port, India. It required Marine Loading Arms for more ship loading capacity. Kanon was awarded the delivery of 7 loading arms to match their specific requirements.


Marine loading arms for petroleum

Mumbai Port Trust has developed specialized berths for handling Petroleum Oil and lubricants (POL) in Mumbai Port. It caters to 16.07 percent of POL traffic handled by Major Ports in India.

Mumbai port is India’s main port for the west coast. A natural deep water harbour of about 400 protected by the mainland of Konkan to the east, and Island of Mumbai to the west. The port handles bulk liquids at Jawahar Dweep and Pir Pau terminals.


Remain the main port on the west coast

Mumbai Port wants to remain India’s main port on the west coast. It faces competition from adjoining ports, changing port traffic, limited space, labor intensive operations, etc. That is why they are focused on taking various measures to render cost effective and quality services to the trade. To increase their capacity they created a fifth berth on their existing jetty specifically developed for crude oil. It was a Brown Field project with space limitations, existing infrastructure and limited space and on the jetty.


Kanon Loading Equipment provided the engineering, manufacturing, supervision and operator training for 7 Marine Loading Arms for Crude, While Oil / Black Oil.

  • 5 x MLA 260, size 20” including 16” Hydraulic QC/DC and ERC 16 “ full bore
  • 2 x MLA 260, size 8” including 8” Hydraulic QC/DC and ERC 8” full bore

The Marine Loading arms are engineered with self-supporting rigid welded piping, using a rigid pantograph balancing construction, solid and high quality parts and were executed with a double inboard design. All in accordance with O.C.I.M.F 3rd edition rules and regulations

The benefits voor Mumbai

The self-supporting rigid welded piping of the installed Kanon Marine Loading arms absorb forces such as dead weight & fluid weight load, pressure and wind load. Due to symmetric design of the loading arms there are next to no bending moments in the base-plate on the berth. The design caters to Mumbai ports need to work with existing infrastructure and an ergonomic and safe operation.


A succesful project

Time is money for an operation like Mumbai Port, thus came the requirement for the first 20″ MLA’s to be delivered in 5 months time! Kanon managed to take on and complete the challenge and completed the loading arms in time.

After a successful project execution Mumbai Port Trust thanked Kanon Loading Equipment for understanding the work urgency and continuing to execute the work even in PANDEMIC. They said they could “see the light of the day because of untiring support from all involved in this period”.

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