Loading equipment for the chemical sector

Loading for the chemical sector

The majority of Chemicals are labeled hazardous, which demands extra care from you as a professional in the chemical industry. When loading chemicals they are not allowed to come in contact with each other for that may cause contamination or explosions. Looking for health, safety, and environmental security in loading your products?

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Be it for truck, train, or ship, Kanon Loading Equipment is designed for safety, and ease of use. From our inception over 40 years ago, we have been active in the chemical industry. Our engineers take special care to design according to your product requirements and our professionals are well trained in HSE and have a passion for loading equipment so Kanon provides you with expert service. Top loading arms, Bottom Loading arms, Marine loading arms, and Safety Equipment. Connect with us, connect with loading excellence. High performance, uptime, great service, and true partnership.

Chemical loading and unloading is our specialty

Liquid Transport starts and ends with all different kinds of KANON Loading Arms, such as a top loading arm, bottom loading arm or marine loading arm. We think (in) flexible (pipelines)! Please contact us if you need to transfer liquid over land, sea or rail!

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