Loading equipment for the gas sector

Loading for the gas sector

Safety is inextricably linked to the gas industry. And Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) a frontrunner in more environmentally friendly solutions. Looking for an experienced partner in the field? For time-saving and cost-effective gas loading or unloading systems that offer flexibility and safety? Highly flammable, low or high in temperature, gas needs to be loaded or unloaded in a controlled way. We are at your service!

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Our equipment is designed by experienced engineers, for swift and safe loading and operational ease. Being an experienced supplier in the gas industry, we know what it takes to load and unload your product safely. We make sure all the mechanisms are in place, such as vapor return, the use of materials to suit expanding and compressing gases, and safe connection solutions. Top loading arms, Bottom Loading arms, Marine loading arms, and also Safety Equipment to match. We design according to your needs. Connect with us, connect with loading excellence. High performance, uptime, great service, and true partnership.

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Gas loading and unloading is our specialty

Liquid Transport starts and ends with all different kinds of KANON Loading Arms, such as a top loading arm, bottom loading arm or marine loading arm. We think (in) flexible (pipelines)! Please contact us if you need to transfer liquid over land, sea or rail!

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