Loading equipment for the oil sector

Loading for the oil sector

Oil is measured in barrels but transported in bulk. Overland, by sea, whatever the method, the distribution of oil requires solid engineering, high productivity, and great service. Looking for a loading system supplier that is up for the task? We are at your service!

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Our equipment is designed by experienced engineers, for swift and safe loading and operational ease. Being a supplier in the oil industry for over 40 years, we know what it takes to load and unload your product safely. Top loading arms, Bottom Loading arms, Marine loading arms, and Safety Equipment, all designed according to your needs. Connect with us, connect with loading excellence. High performance, uptime, great service, and true partnership.

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Gas loading and unloading is our specialty

Liquid Transport starts and ends with all different kinds of KANON Loading Arms, such as a top loading arm, bottom loading arm or marine loading arm. We think (in) flexible (pipelines)! Please contact us if you need to transfer liquid over land, sea or rail!

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