Loading equipment for the petrochemical sector

Loading for the petrochemical sector

If you work in the petrochemical field, your operation and piping systems are transporting a great variety of raw materials. Oil, natural gas, water, metals or minerals, and the end-product itself. You need a loading arm that is reliable, guarding against leakage and spillage, yet flexible and easy to use. Safety equipment is made to protect your operators. And for Environment, Health, and Safety to be flawless.

40+ years of experience

Did you know our journey started in the late ’70s by providing loading arms for clients in the petrochemical industry? We have over 40 years of experience in loading arms and know what it takes to transfer fluids in a controlled and safe way. Many companies like yours depend on our experience, quality, reliability, support, and high performance, and so can you!

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Petrochemical loading and unloading is our specialty

Liquid Transport starts and ends with all different kinds of KANON Loading Arms, such as a top loading arm, bottom loading arm or marine loading arm. We think (in) flexible (pipelines)! Please contact us if you need to transfer liquid over land, sea or rail!

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