Loading for the transport sector

Loading for the transport sector

More than ever we see the importance of movement of goods and persons from place to place. A blocked Suez Canal and a hacked US Energy pipeline can separate our world, that is how heavily we as human beings depend on organized and scheduled transportation.

Looking for loading systems to support best practices in loading safety for the transport industry, because you care about setting the best environment for workers to perform loading operations? Help care for our environment by preventing spillage? The transport industry is on the move constantly and working swift, yet safe is essential. We are at your service!

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A reliable supplier

Be it truck, train, or ship, Kanon Loading Equipment is designed for safety, optimal working conditions, and ease of use. From our inception over 40 years ago, we have been active in the transport industry. Top loading arms, Bottom Loading arms, Marine loading arms and Safety Equipment. Connect with us, connect with loading excellence. High performance, uptime, great service and true partnership.

Loading and unloading in the transport sector is our specialty

Liquid Transport starts and ends with all different kinds of KANON Loading Arms, such as a top loading arm, bottom loading arm or marine loading arm. We think (in) flexible (pipelines)! Please contact us if you need to transfer liquid over land, sea or rail!

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