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You care. Care for the well-being of your staff, care for the environment, care for your transfer operation. At the same time: time is money. Certainly true for the loading industry. Unscheduled downtime comes with great cost. Efficient and proactive maintenance strategies are key to swiftly help you detect problems which may affect your operational status.

Best-practice in service will help you stay on track to deliver as promised. To save time and money, to protect the operator, the environment and your loading arm equipment We feel regular loading arm service is key to enhance your transfer operation. Skilled service, executed swiftly and thoroughly at comprehensive pricing.

Marine Loading Arm


Kanon Loading Equipment has a modern and fully equipped service department. We offer worldwide – 24/7 – service. Excellent quality services, for all different types of loading arms and any brand. From over 40 years of experience in loading arm design, installation, inspection, and all-around servicing, we believe quality equipment deserves quality servicing.

Allround service engineers

Did you know that our service engineers are exceptionally allround professionals? Kanon service engineers are not simply dedicated to one type of loading arm service, they can perform all.

They are highly skilled and motivated to perform mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic as well as electrical installation services. At KANON, we are dedicated to making sure our engineers receive the best training and are certified to help identify and prevent common on-site hazards and risks.

Transparent partnership and clear advice

Our clients value our transparent pricing and our partnership approach. Our clear advice and communication helps you to maintain a cost-effective operation.
Large chemical and petrochemical companies, such as Sabic, VTTI, Shell, Total, BP, Vopak, Cargill etc. are using our excellent service and depend on our reliability and high performance. and so can you!


Your KANON loading arm is engineered to last. Be it land or marine, our precision engineered KANON spare parts are designed for safety, preventing spillage, and keeping operational uptime. We are dedicated to providing you with field-proven, high-quality spare parts at a fair price.

Quality parts

Your Kanon loading arm deserves trustworthy maintenance and original quality parts. Our loading arms come with a generous warranty, but should you need parts, we stock a large variety of critical parts which are readily available from our warehouse in The Netherlands.

Equal quality replacement

Whether parts are 10 or 30 years old, we make sure we have an identical or equal quality replacement. You can order them from our Kanon head office or one of our agents. Delivery is swift and worldwide. With our clients’ operational uptime in mind, we designed the wear and tear parts of the Kanon Marine Loading Arm to be easily replaceable, while the arm is erected. This helps to keep maintenance time at a minimum.

Ultra-low maintenance

Cost - effective

We provide transparent pricing to help you maintain best-practice in cost-effectiveness for your operation. Using our services on a regular basis helps to reduce maintenance and operational cost as well as unscheduled production stops.
Focus on safety

Allround skilled service

Our service engineers are trained to work safely and efficiently in all on-shore environments. They have extensive know-how in hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical installations. We carry out installation work from initial planning through turnkey installation and commissioning.

Years of experience and SCC certificated

Kanon has over 40 years of loading arm experience and SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors) certified by Lloyds and our engineers are each certified with both VVA-1 (basic safety training) and VVA-2 (advanced safety training for staff personnel) certificates. They can recognize and identify common hazards and risks on site and recommend or take suitable action to avoid them.

Reliable worldwide service

We promise and deliver on service. We have 24/7 service availability and all service is carried out within the agreed time period. On- site or in our modern service locations. Industrial areas and main seaports in the Benelux are within two hours travel distance. Our service engineers fly out to all areas worldwide.

Thorough inspection

Annual inspection of loading and safety equipment includes functional testing, swivel joint inspection for sealing and greasing, simple maintenance, and a full inspection report. Should more comprehensive work be warranted, we will design a suitable proposal.

Quick part replacement and supported by data

Worn or damaged parts can be exchanged quickly. We stock a large range of spare parts. As a loading arm manufacturer, we have full access to all technical data to support our service engineers to effectively carry out the required work.

Partner with our sales team

Our spare parts sales team work in partnership with our customers and are always happy to share ideas and provide solutions. From years of experience in loading arm service we are able to carefully advise you on how much stock to keep for the various KANON loading arm parts, to help prevent unscheduled downtime. In an ever changing world modifications on your loading arm may be the right way to go. The KANON team works with you to adapt your loading arm to your needs and provide you with KANON quality parts designed for your modification requirements.

Ultra-low maintenance

Original parts

Specifically developed for your KANON loading arm

Reliable, proven quality at a fair price

Long life-time
Efficient design

Worldwide delivery

And 24/7 service
Operator convenience

Large stock

Tear & wear parts replaceable while arm is erected, saving maintenance time
Focus on safety

Parts for Loading Arm Modification

No matter the age of the loading arm part, Kanon provides a spare to fit

Customers oriented sales team

We are happy to provide the right solution

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