Spare parts

Original quality parts

Your Kanon loading arm is engineered to last. Be it land or marine, our precision engineered Kanon spare parts are designed for safety, preventing spillage, and keeping operational uptime. We are dedicated to providing you with field-proven, high-quality spare parts at a fair price.

Your Kanon loading arm deserves trustworthy maintenance and original quality parts. Our loading arms come with a generous warranty, but should you need parts, we stock a large variety of critical parts which are readily available from our warehouse in The Netherlands.

modification requirements

Our spare parts sales team works in partnership with our customers and are always happy to share ideas and provide solutions. From years of experience in loading arm service, we are able to carefully advise you on how much stock to keep for the various Kanon loading arm parts, to help prevent unscheduled downtime. In an ever-changing world modifications on your loading arm may be the right way to go. The Kanon team works with you to adapt your loading arm to your needs and provide you with Kanon quality parts designed for your modification requirements.

Swivel Joints
Ultra-low maintenance

Original parts with a long life-time

Specially developed for your Kanon loading arm
Ultra-low maintenance


Proven quality for a fair price
Ultra-low maintenance


Proven quality at a fair price
Ultra-low maintenance

Saving maintance time

Tear and wear parts replacable while arm is erected
Ultra-low maintenance

Worldwide delivery and a large stock

Purchase via Kanon or one of our agens
Ultra-low maintenance

Kanon provides a spare to fit

No matter the age of the loading arm part, also parts for loading arm modification

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Whether parts are 10 or 30 years old, we make sure we have an identical or equal quality replacement. You can order them from our Kanon head office or one of our agents. Delivery is swift and worldwide. With our clients’ operational uptime in mind, we designed the wear and tear parts of the Kanon Marine Loading Arm to be easily replaceable, while the arm is erected. This helps to keep maintenance time at a minimum. Want to know more? We are happy to help.