The field of cryogenic applications is quite different compared to that of the traditionally ambient products. Loading sequences are more complicated and take longer. The equipment is given the opportunity to cool down slowly prior to the loading sequence and the other way around after the loading sequence.

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Working with temperatures of up to -170 degrees Celsius requires due care. A safe working environment is essential and protection for operating personnel needs to be implemented, for example by adding insulation on the accessible parts.

While all swivel joints for different applications are applied with grease, the swivel joints for cryogenic have to be constantly purged during loading, due to the fact that there is no grease in the swivel joints because it does not last in cryogenic circumstances.

Loading Equipment For Cryogenic (3)


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Our journey started in the late 70’s by providing loading arms for clients in the chyogenic industry. We have over 40 years of experience in loading arms and know what it takes to transfer fluids in a controlled and safe way. From a partnership perspective, we put all our energy into creating loading arms to best fit our client’s specific cryogenic field and operational environment, to create an efficient and safe loading solution. Many companies that work with cryogenics depend on our experience, quality, reliability, support and high performance.

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Kanon Loading Equipment offers a variety of different loading arms specifically engineered for a wide range of fluids and gases. They are designed for ease of handling, safety for operator and environment and a longstanding reliable performance. We carefully advise our clients on loading arm fluid compatibility.

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Our loading arm swivel joints, precision components for the connection between stationary pipes and rotating parts, are designed to prevent leakage and damage to the environment.

Furthermore, we provide highly skilled and experienced service engineers to service and maintain our customers equipment. They are trained to work safely and have all the required knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics and electronics.

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