High pressure Marine loading arms provide safe transfer of Compressed Natural Gas / CNG. With the requirement to reduce our environmental footprint, the demand for clean Methane gas has increased significantly. However, most methane is found in remote areas. To get the methane to densely populated areas, it is cooled down to liquid phase so it can be transported easily from point of exploration to end-users. Deeply refrigerated Methane – so called LNG – needs to be transferred into gas phase, requiring a huge amount of energy or heat

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High pressure gas marine loading arms

As methane arrives to end-users by LNG carrier ships, the port of discharge is usually surrounded by an abundance of sea water. This water can be used to facilitate the phase change from liquid to high pressure gas – so called Compressed Natural Gas/CNG. Allowing the now gaseous phase of Methane to enter the local gas grid. Huge quantities, under ‘high’ pressure need to be transferred. As the phase transfer predominantly takes place on a semi-permanent Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU), the connection to shore is commonly executed by means of high pressure gas Marine (un)loading arms.

Risk management & Efficiency

Kanon Marine loading arms are specifically designed to handle the high pressure of CNG. With a 900# rating for pressures up of to 225bar, the combination of next level Marine Loading arm design and swivel joint is a unique and safe combination. With such pressures the wall thickness of the product piping can easily reach extraordinary heights like 30mm.

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With the requirement for arms to be ‘semi-permanently’ connected as part of the connection between FSRU and shore, scheduled downtime/disconnection to carry out regular maintenance is to be prevented as much as possible. Even the regular greasing of bearings becomes a challenge. The grease can only be distributed properly in standard ball bearings by sufficiently large movements of the arms (generally only possible when arms are not connected).

At Kanon we listen carefully to our clients and we have tuned into the demand for low maintenance, semi-permanent high pressure loading connections. We developed swiveljoints that can be replenished while the loading arms are in operation. This is just a small illustration of our distinct maintenance approach. At Kanon we are not about standard solutions, we are always going the extra mile to provide service and loading solutions to fit our clients needs.

Loading Equipment For Chemcials (4)

Kanon loading arms

We offer a variety of different loading arms specifically engineered for a wide range of fluids and gases. They are designed for ease of handling, safety for operator and environment and a longstanding reliable performance. We carefully advise our clients on loading arm fluid compatibility.

Safe, reliable and easy to operate
Our loading arm swivel joints, precision components for the connection between stationary pipes and rotating parts, are designed to prevent leakage and damage to the environment.

Furthermore, we provide highly skilled and experienced service engineers to service and maintain our customers equipment. They are trained to work safely and have all the required knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics and electronics.

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