Folding stairs


Your loading platform has to provide access to all truck or train tankers, whatever their size. Often, a single operator is managing loading, unloading or inspection activities. Apart from safety rules and regulations you care for your operators and want to ensure all activities can be safely executed. Kanon folding stairs, designed according to our clients requirements, are successfully in operation worldwide.

Easy to operate folding stairs

KANON Folding Stairs provide the safe and efficient connection between your loading platform and the top of a road or rail tanker, safety cage or elevator platform. The folding stairs are executed with a spring balanced design to safely fold in or out. This design makes them easy to operate, to enable a single operator to manage loading, unloading or inspection activities. Handrails are fitted as a standard and adjustment to tanker height is automatic. Kanon Folding Stairs are built according to the latest safety requirements and available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 step models,

Your Kanon Folding stairs are Low Maintenance

We make sure your Folding Stairs are designed to be low maintenance. The main bearings of the heavy-duty construction are water and dust-tight. All other rotating joints are made of non-corrosive materials i.e. nylon and stainless steel (no metal to metal contacts, no use of split pins).

Our folding stairs are perfectly paired with our safety cages or elavating plaforms.

Vertical locking device.

Focus on safety

Non-slip self-levelling steps

Partly movable second step to prevent trapped feet

Ultra-low maintenance

Fully balanced cylinder with integral safe design

Rubber bumper on last step to prevent tanker damage and static discharge

Handrails free from sharp edges and installed on nylon bearings

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