StocExpo Europe 2019 Rotterdam Kanon Loading Equipment

Entrance exhibition StocExpo 2019 Europe

StocExpo Europe 2019

On 26 till the 28 of March 2019 the three-day exhibition ‘StocExpo Europe’ was held at Ahoy Rotterdam.

First of all, we would like to thank everybody who visited StocExpo and visited our booth.  We as Kanon Loading Equipment showed our Loading Arms based on our 40 years of experience and expertise in the business.

Beside our main Booth we showed our fully equipped Service Department (to show that we offer 24/7 service worldwide and perform refurbishments within the agreed budget and time schedule) at the StocExpo 2019 and received some great reactions.

StocExpo Europe 2019 is a great way to look at new trends, keep in touch with our partners, clients, suppliers and gaining new contacts in the industry.

It was an amazing experience and we would hope to see you next year!