Swivel joints


A good loading arm reach is essential for your operation. Meanwhile extraordinarily high bending and high axial loads have to be prevented. Kanon swivel joints designed for your Kanon loading arm help do just that. They are developed to withstand high loads and environmental influences such as stormy winds without leaking. In fact, Kanon swivel joints are well-known to prevent spillage and unnecessary maintenance. They make all kinds of flexible connections using rigid pipes instead of using hoses.

Swivel Joints

The best solution for your challenge?

You want to find the best solution for your challenge. Kanon cares about engineering the best loading equipment for you. From 40+ years of experience in tailor-made loading solutions, we help you make an informed decision. No strings attached. Transparency is key.

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Continuous Swivel Joint R&D

We always strive for cutting-edge technology in swivel joints. With so many fluid and gas varieties in the industry it matters. Safety first always. Did you know that long before duplex steel material became a standard, it was already tried, tested, and implemented by Kanon for swivel joints? With a future-forward attitude, we continue to research Swivel joint materials and components to best suit your product safety requirements and to offer a longer swivel joint service life and more uptime.

Swivel Joints

The right Swivel Joint material combination

We offer a vast amount of different swivel joint material combinations, in types of steel, synthetic material, springs, seals and lubrication to match your product safety requirements. Our Swivel joints are precision engineered in size and customized to match your application, whether it be petrochemicals, chemicals, cryogenics, high pressure or other.

Swivel Joints

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Unparallelled Swivel joint part availability

Whether you ordered a Kanon Loading Arm 5 or 30 years ago, we feel compelled to keep providing parts to match your loading arm type, since our customers acquire a Kanon Loading arm for its quality and longevity. After a long service-life, should any swivel joints need to be replaced on your KANON loading arm, original KANON swivel joints are your best choice.

Swivel Joints
Operator convenience

Higher load capacity than conventional designs

And provided with leakage indicator
Efficient design

Designed for more uptime and less maintenance

Unique material combinations to guarantee performance and safety

Easy part replacement without removing swivel joint

Large range in size, pressure and temperature endurance

Tested in accordance with the latest OCIMF

Zero emission and Continuous R&D

What sets a Kanon Swivel Joint apart?

Kanon Swivel joints are well known for their reliability, they are precision engineered to exceed the standard safety requirements. Swivel joints have been designed at Kanon from its inception. With your operational safety in mind, we incorporate years of experience in Loading Arm and Swivel joint design that delivers.

Swivel Joints

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